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Account Approval
1. How can I verify my identity?
You have to confirm your document to be able to use Bankoff services fully. You need to log in to the Bo chatbot and send us the required documents. The name and surname mentioned on the document must be the same as the name and surname on the virtual Bankoff card.

Required documents:

- Passport
- Driver's license (English version required)
- ID card (English version required)

1. Select Account from the main menu.
2. Then go to the Confirm Identity section and click the Start button.
3. We partner with Stripe to confirm your identity instantly.
Your documents will be checked within couple seconds and Bo will send you the result via WhatsApp.
2. Why were my documents rejected?
Your documents have been rejected by our system due to the non-compliance with the required rules. You can contact the customer representative regarding the document approval process.
3. How long does the verification process take?
Your documents will be reviewed within 5 minutes business days. Bo will send you the result of the confirmation via WhatsApp.
1. How can I fund my balance?
To top up your balance, enter the Bo chatbot, select the "Top up balance" button from the main menu and enter the amount. After the calculation process, Bo will send you the link for the payment. Complete the payment by clicking on the link.
2. When will the payment show up in my account?
If your account has been verified, your payment will show up in your account within 1 business day. If your account has not been verified yet, your payment will not be added to your balance and your account will need to be verified. If your account will not be verified, your payment will be refunded back to your bank account.
3. How can I see my transactions?
To see your transactions, log in to the Bo chatbot, then go to the Account section from the main menu, and select the Transactions. You can select the time interval and get information about your transactions. Please be informed that whereas 7-day transactions will be sent to your WhatsApp, 30-and 60-day transactions will be sent to your e-mail address.
4. Why was my transaction rejected?
Reasons for rejection of your transaction may include:

- Insufficient funds in your balance;
- No permission to financial payments via virtual Bankoff card;
- Exceeding daily limit;
- Deactivated virtual Bankoff card.
1. How can I deactivate my account?
To deactivate your account, go to the Settings from the main menu in the Bo chatbot and select Deactivate button. You can then deactivate your account by typing "Deactivate".
2. How can I reactivate my account
To reactivate your account, you must write to [email protected] from e-mail address that you have registered with.
3. I have not received a confirmation code for the registration. What should I do?
If you do not receive a confirmation code, you can send your message to [email protected] mentioning your phone number.
1. Where can I use my Virtual Bankoff card?
You can use your virtual Bankoff card for both online payments and NFC-supported payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.
2. Who are the Bankoff partners?
Bankoff is partnering with global companies such as Visa and Stripe
3. How can I be a partner with you?
To use the Bankoff Business platform, you contact us via [email protected]
1. How do I find my billing address?
To find the billing address, enter the Bo chatbot, select the My Profile section from the main menu and then click the My Address button.
2. How can I contact the customer representative?
You can contact the customer representative via [email protected] e-mail address. Alternatively, go to the Bo chatbot, select the Settings from the main menu and click the Customer Representative button there.You can send your inquiries as in a message, voice or video format.
3. Can I get a physical card?
Currently it is not possible to issue physical cards by Bankoff.
Privacy and Security
1. How is my virtual Bankoff card protected?
Virtual Bankoff cards require a 3D Secure password during all online payments. The password is sent to your registered e-mail address or phone number. It is highly recommended that you do not share the passwords with anyone.
2. How is my personal information protected?
Privacy is one of the most important parts of the Bankoff system. Bankoff is privileged to be trusted with your personal information and does not share your personal and card information with the third parties. For more information, visit Legal
3. How long is my personal information kept in the system?
After deleting your account, we keep the personal information for a year period to prevent fraudulent actions. After a year, all your personal information will be automatically deleted from the system. This period may vary depending on the transactions in the account.
Tether (USDT)
1. How to top-up balance with crypto?
1. Choose the Top up balance option from the main menu to add funds money to your balance with Tether ( USDT ).
2. Then choose the Top up with crypto option to start the process. Enter your top-up amount, and Bo will calculate the fees. If you agree with the amount, choose the Yes option to continue.
3. Choose your network to send Tether ( USDT ) to the following wallet address. After sending Tether ( USDT ) to the Bankoff wallet address, choose the Send Hash option to continue.
4. Finally, send the Hash to us to verify your transaction. Hash is a unique 64 or 66 characters identifier that is generated whenever a transaction is executed. Please double-check the hash, and then confirm to complete the transaction.
2. When will the payment show up in my account?
Accounts that have less than 90 days of activity period will receive Tether (USDT) during the 7 days.

If you have more than 90 days' worth of activity on an account you will receive Tether (USDT) on the same day.
3. How to buy Tether ( USDT ) from Bankoff?
1. Choose the Buy Crypto option from the main menu to buy Tether ( USDT ) with Bankoff. You will have 2 options, Continue with current balance or Top up balance.
2. After choosing Continue with current balance, you need to enter an amount for the Tether ( USDT ). The minimum amount to buy Tether ( USDT ) is 25. Bankoff charges 4% of the amount per transaction.
3. After confirming the amount, you need to select the wallet network for receiving the Tether ( USDT ). Choose the wallet network and send your following wallet address to Bo. Please double-check the wallet address, and then confirm to complete the transaction.
Note: If your wallet address is invalid, we will refund your money to your Bankoff account.
1. Why was my top-up refunded?
The Bankoff network refunds the top-up for the reasons below:

1. High-risk evaluation of fraud.
2. Bankoff cardholder full name does not match used debit/credit cardholder full name.
3. Used IP has early fraud warning or dispute.
2. How to avoid a refund of top-up and receive the payment?
If you want to receive your top-up, you have to verify your identity and provide an electronic bank statement of that payment for the Review Team. If the verification is successful, your balance will be funded immediately.
3. What is the commission for a refund?
There are no fees to refund a payment, but Bankoff’s fees ( 4% ) on the original payment will not be returned in case of a refund.

A large portion of the underlying cost of payment processing is driven by fees assessed by banks and payment networks (like Visa and Mastercard). These networks set rules about which fees apply for refunded payments, and in many cases, banks and card networks keep the entire upfront cost of a refunded transaction. For some regions and payment types, refunded payments also incur additional fees.
4. How long does it take to refund?
It may take 5-10 business days for funds to settle. You will get a notification via email and Bo chatbot. Also, you can require ARN ( Acquirer Reference Number ) to trace the refund at your bank.

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